Veteran broadcaster Bob Costas called out the Mets on NBC Sunday for celebrating their 4-3 walk-off win against the Cubs too much to his liking.

During a U.S. Open golf update, Costas showed a clip of the Mets' comeback victory and the celebration that followed Kirk Nieuwenhuis' game-winning three-run homer at Citi Field.

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"A team 14 games under .500 celebrates as if it just won the seventh game of the World Series," Costas said. "Another indication of the ongoing decline of Western Civilization."

Some Mets players took to Twitter to answer Costas.

Reliever David Aardsma: "I love Bob Costas but are we supposed to roll over and die on the season? Or should we celebrate the excitement of a huge comeback?"

Starter Jeremy Hefner: "Hey Mr. Costas . . . We will enjoy our wins!"

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And retired Braves star Chipper Jones wrote, "I'm thinking Mets fans will let Costas know about that little comment."