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Boras has no plans to protest K-Rod trade to Brewers

Francisco Rodriguez #75 of the New York Mets

Francisco Rodriguez #75 of the New York Mets looks on after surrendering a ninth inning run to tie the game against the Oakland Athletics at Citi Field. (June 22, 2011) Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

Scott Boras talked about Franciscio Rodriguez's trade to the Brewers -- and the Mets "allegations" about the no-trade list -- in a Friday interview with Sirius XM.

Q: What are your feelings about the error that reportedly led to Francisco Rodriguez’s no-trade list not being submitted to the Mets?

SB: “There are always two issues in representing players and one is that you’re required to disclose the current state of players’ rights and apparently there was a discussion that was had between the club and his former representatives and that discussion and the awareness of the lack of existence of this no-trade list was not disclosed to the player. The second part of it is of course that the contract had requirements for a submission of a list to be effective and operative to the contract an that list was not submitted. That’s the allegation certainly of the Mets, so this was something of course when Frankie was traded, it was something of course, that there was a discussion I had with Doug Melvin and we were able to work that through.”

Whose obligation was it to submit the list?

SB: “Contractually, the players representatives had to submit the list by a particular date and time and the Mets allegation was that it was not done, that was not achieved. The Mets gave notice of that apparently to his former representatives weeks ago, and apparently that information was not communicated to Frankie. The Mets contention was that no list was ever submitted. There was one negotiated but a requirement of the contract was that a list was to be submitted, and no list was ever submitted. The player was under the impression, from his representatives, that the list was submitted. The Mets contend that the list was not submitted.”

Do you plan on doing anything about this?

SB: “No there’s not going to any further steps, Frankie is now a Brewer, it’s something that certainly Doug and I discussed – Doug Melvin and I discussed as we went through this, again our ability to acquire the information is something that just was the statement of the team, that there was no list submitted, and so but there obviously it’s something where Frankie and I have sit down and to talk about the fact that he had rights were negotiated but were not effectively communicated, and so those matters are something we’ll have to address at a later date.”

Do you not believe the Mets’ allegations?

SB: That’s not what I’m saying that at all. I don’t have the facts in this case only in the sense that Mets are contending that they did not receive a list. We have not had sufficient time to examine whether there is a list in existence and there may be – we haven’t had sufficient time to examine the fact that there may be that there are contentions on the former representative side that the list was sent in a timely fashion, and so those facts have to be ferreted out before we can comment, I think, specifically.”

Do you plan to file a grievance over it?

SB: “No, as far as Frankie’s performance and play, he’s going to continue to play with the Brewers and that’s not a situation that’s going to be in any way altered.”

What about Frankie’s role with the Brewers?

SB: “I think everybody is aware that Frankie is a closer. Mentally, that’s what he’s been doing for the past six or seven years and that’s really what he’s prepared to do. In these situations it’s always a dynamic between the manager and the player, those are things that certainly they have to work out, the organization has to work out. These are some things that uniformed personnel have to address what’s best for the team as they go forward. I think it’s very clear, with a player like this, that has been in this role for a long period of time, it is something that I think that the best benefit he provides a team obviously is to be the closer.”

Can K-Rod make the adjustment to a set-up role midseason?

SB: “I don’t think I made it an issue. I think I pointed out that if you know baseball players, those who are closers and have the wherewithal to be a closer, pitching in the ninth inning is very different than pitching in the sixth, seventh and eighth innings. And when you’re prepared to do that and that’s what you’ve done for a period of years, to suggest that someone can revert back to a role that is very different than that, without preparation, without having potentially a spring training or a period of time to adjust to that, it’s just not something where you show up and throw innings. There’s a substantial amount of mental preparation that goes into being a closer and or fulfilling a role on a team, and the more familiarity you have with that, the experience you have with that, obviously the greater comfort you’re going to have in performing.” 


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