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Collins, Castillo, Bay and Mets' first full-squad workout

As New York digs out of another snowstorm, the Mets will take the field today for their first full-squad workout. But not before a speech by new manager Terry Collins, who wants to set the tone early for the 2011 season. Accountability seems like a high-priority buzzword for Collins, and that's a welcome change from recent years, when things had been a little lax.

-- Collins had the chance to finally sit down with Luis Castillo on Sunday. But in talking about fresh starts and clean slates, Collins said he talked about Castillo's dropped pop-up at Yankee Stadium - from two years ago. Curious strategy, and it's not like Castillo had been obsessing about it. Guess we'll see how this relationship develops.

-- Lastly, Jason Bay talked about coming back after a disappointing, and concussion-shortened, first season with the Mets. Now that he's had some experience hitting at Citi Field, maybe that will help, just as Wright's power numbers rebounded in his second year at the stadium.

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