On Pyrotechnics night here at Citi Field, Mike Pelfrey will be going up against the Big Red Machine. Here is manager Jerry Manuel's full pregame presser. Back with more notes quotes and tidbits in a little:

On Calling Up LHP Raul Valdes


“This Club (Reds) have some pretty good left-handed hitters. We wanted to get someone else who was left handed as well.”


On the injury situation  with Fernando Tatis


“He has been struggling with the shoulder ever since the injury a while back. He wanted it to heal naturally so I think he is having some problems with it. He has been having problems with it since spring training. So I think that has a lot to do with tha fact that he wasn’t able to get the bat in a position of strength.”


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Beltran coming back before the break?


You could possibly see him this week in New York. Maybe not with the Mets, but with the Brooklyn team. We anticipate him to be apart of us right after the break. I think he had a couple of setbacks with weather. But if all goes well we should see him in San Francisco.


Keeping all three catcher throughout the homestand:

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“Yeah, I think with the addition of Valdes, we can manage that. Plus, Wednesday Takahashi will be available in the pen. So we will go with Dickey, Pelfrey and Santana versus the Braves.”


Takahashi emergency arm in the pen? Or filling an eighth inning spot:


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“Well, If we need him and it fits, we will get him up and get him in there?”


Even though he is not an All-Star, Has there been any more of an ‘impactful’ player this year for the Mets than Pelfrey:


“Probably not… For a while there he was pretty dominant. And he has had a couple of struggles here lately, but he kind of righted the ship for us once we were struggling and in need of a big start… As far as that pitching staff he has been the guy who has been the most stable as far as the first half goes.”

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Reyes’ status:


“Yes, we plan on playing him tomorrow versus the lefthander swinging from the right-side. I think that as we speak, he is out doing the baseball activity kind of at an elevated level. In the case of an emergency, we might need to use him tonight.


If you need a first baseman, is there anyone other than Alex Cora you feel comfortable with:


Blanco. Blanco can play a little third a little first.


What kind of impact do you expect Carlos Beltran to be on your team:


“I think that’s like adding a player before the deadline. You are talking about a real good five-tool player.” Switch hitter hitting in the middle of the lineup, it can be very positive for us. I anticipate it being positive for us.”


Frustrating not being able to establish roles for certain guys in the bullpen:


“That has always been somewhat frustrating. I think the fortunate thing for us is. Despite not establishing that, we have played pretty good baseball. Still put ourselves in a good position. You would like to at this point in the year have that sorted out, but it just hasn’t worked out for us at this point.”


Is there a plan for Beltran to play in Brooklyn this week:


“I don’t know.”


Plan on getting Fernando (Nieve) in a couple of games as he hasn’t pitched in a while now:


He’ll have to be a guy tonight. IF we run into trouble early, he will have to be a guy tonight. He could possibly be a guy late. We’ll see what we are see what the matchups are, they are pretty balanced offensive club. A Club that is swinging the bat very well.


Are you going to keep giving Thole regular playing time:


“I’d like to see what we have in Josh. I think that Josh on the road trip has gotten some big things for us. R.A. swung the bat very well. I’d just like to see where he is. He is much improved as far as a receiver. With what we saw him last year. I’m just kind of interested in what he has because offensively. I know he will be big for us. I’ve got to take this opportunity to take a good look at him, take a look at what could be a really good offensive club when he plays.”


Without Tatis on the bench who will be your primary pinch hitter on the bench versus left-handed hitters.


“It’ll be Barajas.”


When Barajas is starting?


“Probably me (laughs). No, I don’t. I could use either one of those catchers at any time. So Henry could.”


People try to avoid using in the bullpen tonight:


“No, we actually, what we will try to do, is if we get one up, we will try to get him in the game nd keep it short. But for the most part, they all are available, but if there is a multiple inning situation, it’ll be Fernando or Raul Valdes. It would be something very short, they would get up and get in.”