For most of the Mets, the journey they are about to take goes into uncharted territory. None of the top three in the prospective starting rotation has thrown a pitch in the playoffs, nor has the closer. About half of the likely position players haven't been in a postseason series, either.

But as so many players head into the biggest games of their careers, David Wright feels confident in the first-timers. The veterans have been getting them ready for this moment since spring training.

A team meeting in early March went in an unexpected direction when each of the Mets who had been to the postseason began telling those who hadn't what it's like. David Wright, Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer, Bartolo Colon and third-base coach Tim Teufel -- who played for the last Mets World Series champion team -- were among those who took turns relating their postseason experiences.

"The meeting quickly turned into story time," Wright said. "You could see some of the younger players were all ears and interested to hear what it would be like.

"We wanted to let it be known the confidence we had in this team at spring training and that those were the expectations this year," Wright said of the veterans' message.

Said Travis d'Arnaud, "It helped . . . It set goals for [us]. When you have our captains leading us the right way, you just follow them."

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"They were focused, taking it all in," Granderson said. "They got to see that they are thinking on the same lines as the players who have been there . . . That has to help."

Hearing the stories isn't going to be the same as being in the games, though. Granderson explained that butterflies are inevitable at the start of a playoff series. Wright said many of the Mets' regular-season games have had a "playoff atmosphere" and that the first-timers will have an idea of the electricity at Dodger Stadium on Friday.

"It's not just going to be what we said that's in their minds' eyes," Wright said. "They are going to live it now . . . I have no doubt they are ready."

Wright said that during that meeting, the idea of reaching the 2015 postseason became more than just something he wanted to believe.

"I could see how hungry and eager this team is, especially because we don't have much playoff experience in there," he said. "Every player wants to reach the playoffs. But for those who had never been there, that meeting might have given them something to hold on to and reach for, and now they've reached it."