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Decisions, decisions. Two weeks left before Opening Day

Exactly two weeks from today, the Mets will send Johan Santana to the mound -- keep your fingers crossed -- to oppose the Marlins' Josh Johnson in the season opener at Citi Field. Which is why it's time for the roster analysis to kick into high gear because the clock is ticking. I spoke with Omar Minaya yesterday about these final two weeks and what needs to get accomplished.

The short answer? Plenty. The Mets' bullpen is in disarray and they still need to figure out the bench, which also is dependent on the status of Jose Reyes. If Reyes can't make it back for Opening Day -- and that seems to be the case -- the Mets will need Alex Cora plus another shortstop, meaning Ruben Tejada is going to be coming north as well. That's a wrinkle the team hadn't planned on a few weeks ago.

With so much uncertainty in the bullpen, is there any chance Nelson Figueroa makes the Opening Day roster? He's still holding out hope, but if not, Figueroa sounds like he will not shuffle off to Buffalo when the time comes. Figueroa talked candidly yesterday about the finances of the game for a player on the margin, and he seems frustrated by his limited use this spring. On a positive note, Figgy did win free tacos for Section 111yesterday by striking out a Michigan hitter in the "Taco Inning" at Tradition.



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