47° Good Evening
47° Good Evening

DH Thursday, but what to do tonight?

You were all psyched up for a game tonight and it’s rained out.

Now what?

Before the advent of cable, when games were televised locally by Ch.9, Rainout Theater used to prevail. The rains would come, effervescent Bob Murphy would say ``To keep you better entertained….’’ and next thing, we’d be watching Abbott & Costello reruns from the 1950s or the same movie joined in progress at the same point each time. I know ``Plan 9 from Outer Space'' by heart but only half of it.   

Nowadays, on SNY, the Mets show everything from classic games to Murphy previewing the losing years.

Rainouts were especially annoying in the years where only a couple of games a week were televised. When there was a doubleheader and the station was only televising the first game, no mention would be made of a second game and the camera would pan to the roof of the stadium so as not to show the ground crew or players preparing for the second game. But you knew they were there and it was gut wrenching.

On radio, Howie Rose recently took a page out of Murphy’s playbook during a recent rain delay when he used that `to better entertain you’ line and threw it back to WFAN"s Steve Somers, who identified himself as the Human Rain Delay. My guess is he’ll be on for about six hours tonight to schmooze your night away.

Or, you could watch the Yankees.





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