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Dream team on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On  Martin Luther King Jr. Day and in leading up to Black History Month, the achievements of African American athletes will be discussed  across the country.

In Major League baseball, despite the omission of some  great players--Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Roy Dandridge and ``Cool Papa'' Bell--due to the racial barrier, an all-time lineup of Major League stars could  contain many black players. 

Chicago Cubs columnist Joel Reuter came up with the following list. 

C--Roy Campanella. Hit .276 and had 242 home runs in a 10-year career.

1B--Eddie Murray. Hit 504 homers and batted .287.

2B--Jackie Robinson. His .311 average and 137 homers is only a small part of his story.  Considered the most significant athlete in American history for breaking the color barrier in the majors.  

SS--Ernie Banks.  Hit .274 with 512 homers. Let's play two.

LF--Barry Bonds. His 762 homers and .298 average still rise above the allegations. 

CF--Willie Mays. Hit .302 with 660 homers. All around, who was better?

RF--Hank Aaron. Hit .305 with 755 homers. To many, the true home run champion.

P--Bob Gibson. A career mark of 251-174 and a 2.91 earned run average.


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