Like a conquering hero, prospective Mets minority investor David Einhorn was mobbed by Mets fans as he walked out of Citi Field after Saturday night's game against the Phillies -- but he seemed surprised by his sudden fame and made as hasty an exit as he could.

As reporters chased and then surrounded the 42-year-old hedge-fund manager outside the Gil Hodges Gate, fans who noticed the commotion yelled, "That's the new owner!"

Einhorn, who met with manager Terry Collins before the game and then took in the Mets' 5-2 loss from the exclusive suite level and waved to fans, exited in a light blue polo shirt and Mets hat. He was carrying a large box he said was filled with "some goodies" from the game and was accompanied by his family and about 20 children.

He initially got lost inside the lower level of the stadium -- perhaps because he was following current owner Fred Wilpon, who doesn't leave Citi Field where the fans do.

Asked about how his evening at the ballpark went, Einhorn said: "It was a lot of fun."

He refused to acknowledge a question about Saturday's reports that the deal he is negotiating with Wilpon includes an option for Einhorn to end up as the majority owner in three years.

He was asked if he would give Jose Reyes the contract he wants. "Today is not the time for that," he said.

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Asked how the last few days have gone for him, he said: "Way beyond a dream come true."

Asked the best part, he said: "It's hard to even know. Just fun so far."

Einhorn, still holding the box and looking lost again, was stopped briefly by a camera from the team-owned network, SNY.

The cameraman shined his light on Einhorn, but he cut off the interview and said, "Could you guys excuse me now? I'd like to go home with my family." And with that, Einhorn disappeared into the crowd and to the parking lot.