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Fred Wilpon says Omar Minaya will be back

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. -- Mets owner Fred Wilpon was at the University of Connecticut today for a press conference involving SNY. The press conference was to announce a programming partnership with the school similar to the one it has with Rutgers.

Wilpon wasn't very talkative about the Mets, who are sitting at .500 with a weekend series coming against the Phillies in Philadelphia. But he did make a few brief comments.

Wilpon said today wasn't the day to talk about the Mets, instead preferring to focus on the SNY announcement. He said Omar Minaya is really the guy to talk to regarding the Mets. When asked if Minaya would be the GM after this season, he said, "Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?"

When asked what kind of job he thought Mets COO Jeff Wilpon -- Fred's son -- was doing, he said "excellent."

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