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Guillen's not so sweet tweet to Manuel

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen tweaked former Mets manager Jerry Manuel, who now has a big presence on the MLB Network.

A graphic showing that the Mets, under Manuel, were among the league leaders in throwing out base runners was met with derision by Guillen, who sent a tweet in Manuel's direction.

``When your team leads the league in assists from [the] outfield or in double plays that's not good. Means there's a lot of people on base, come on man.’’

Manuel responded on television, saying,  ``We allowed the fewest baserunners and then threw out the most base runners. So there you go, Ozzie. But what you got to do Ozzie, you got to teach me how to tweet so I can get back to you. You don’t have to put me on blast.’’

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