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Hairston homers twice in Mets intrasquad

The Mets signed Scott Hairston to be a deep threat off the bench, and that's exactly what he showed in today's intrasquad game at DD park. Hairston opened the game with a homer off D.J. Carrasco - on an 0-and-2 curve ball -- and then launched another one off Tim Byrdak in the third inning.

"Not bad," Hairston said. "It was a good way to start."

Willie Harris also homered, smacking a Manny Alvarez pitch onto the grassy berm in rightfield, and Dusty Ryan took Taylor Tankersley over the wall in left.

Asked later what he learned from today's intrasquad, Terry Collins joked, "We got some power."

Ryota Igarashi, who was removed from the 40-man this winter, raised his stock a bit with an impressive two innings, including two strikeouts. Igarashi touched 90 mph on the radar gun, and looked more like the intimidating set-up man that he was early last season.

"I'm no longer thinking about my injuries," Igarashi said through an interpreter. "Last year was last year. I talked to Terry Collins, and he knows Japanese pitchers like to throw a lot, so he's being flexible."

As for his fight for a bullpen job, Igarashi added, "Of course I know it's a tough battle, but thinking about it doesn't change anything."


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