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Harris is a good catch

The Mets had to sign Willie Harris to keep him from beating them. The light-hitting outfielder has a good glove and used his defensive skills to thwart the Mets on several occasions over the years. 

He even took a home run away from Henry Blanco at spring training last year.

In real games:

April 10, 2010: The bases were loaded with two outs and the Mets were trailing by a run to the Nationals at Citi Field when Rod Barajas’ line drive to right looked to be a game-winner. But Harris dived for the ball, caught it and the Mets lost.

May 15, 2008: With Carlos Beltran on first and the Mets down, 1-0, Ryan Church hit a fly  to left, near the line, that became another diving catch by Harris, this time at Shea Stadium.

Aug. 9, 2007: Harris, playing for Atlanta, took away a potential home run from Carlos Delgado and the Braves won, 7-6.


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