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Ike is Glavine's gift to Mets

One thing is for sure, Ike Davis' debut was a lot better for the Mets than Tom Glavine's goodbye.

They are connected. Davis was chosen 18th overall (out of Arizona State) in the 2008 draft as a compensation pick for the Mets' having lost Tom Glavine to Atlanta. There was no way Glavine could have come back to the Mets after that debacle on the last day of the 2007 season, when he pitched his team out of the game even before the Phillies had started their game in Philadelphia. Glavine, a good fellow and good speaker, made it 100 times worse when he tried to put it all in perspective, saying essentially there are bigger things in life -- while Mets fans were devastated by the last step in the collapse.

Davis' arrival was a much more hopeful occasion. Let's face it, the Mets are often blasted for being on the wrong side of one-sided deals (a new book has them near the bottom of that category), but getting Ike for an over-the-hill Glavine is a deal that anybody would take any day.

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