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Overcast 40° Good Morning

Jacobs to Reyes: "Don't slide headfirst"

Jose Reyes said this morning that he was "a little nervous" before today's intrasquad game, where he will start at shortstop for the first time since May 20 of last season.

Mike Jacobs, who has the locker across from Reyes, probably didn't help matters by jabbing at him this morning. Jacobs is starting at first base for the visiting team and his advice to Reyes? "Don't slide headfirst into first base."

Reyes got the joke. Back in 2006, in a game between the Mets and Marlins, Reyes tried to beat out a grounder by diving into first -- at the same time that Jacobs, who fielded the grounder, was attempting to beat him there with a feet-first slide.

The result? Jacobs' cleats ripped open a gash on Reyes' left pinky finger that needed seven stitches to close. The incident stuck with Reyes. He showed off the scar on his pinky this morning and said he hasn't slid headfirst into first base ever since.

Jacobs also teased Reyes about hitting third, but the Mets' shortstop had the last laugh. In his first game batting third last year, Reyes hit two homers, including a grand slam.

Reyes yelled over to Jacobs, "Six RBI - is that good? Is that good enough for you?"

Jacobs could only smile at that.



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