It was announced yesterday that the interleague series between the Phillies and the Blue Jays between June 25-27th will be relocated from the land of hockey sticks and maple syrup to the land of cheesesteaks and tasters due to fear of violence stemming from the G-20 Summit.

Jeff Francoeur is displeased.

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"That's just bull ---," Frenchy told the Daily News. "That's not really fair. It's just not fair."

The Phillies will have 84 home games this season instead of 81, and well, like most baseball teams they play well at home.

The kicker here though, and maybe justification for Francoeur to be miffed, is the last G-20 Summit took place in Pittsburgh on September 25-26, 2009. The Pirates had two home games, one against the Dodgers and one against the Reds during that period, which were played as scheduled. So why give the Phillies any kind of preferential treatment?

I mean, it seems like it would be obvious. The Pirates have been residents of the basement of the MLB standings since the early 90s. They're not a huge moneymaking team. The Phils on the other hand? Two World Series appearances in two years. Shenanigans, Bud Selig. Frenchy is right. It ISN'T fair. Mets fans should be angry. All of baseball should be kind of peeved, because if this isn't a blatent showing of favoritism, I don't know what is.

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Though the only security concerns at Citizens Bank Park will be vomit and tasers.