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Jerry Manuel on last night's Met loss

Jerry Manuel talking about John Maine’s night:

“When you have that much traffic in the few innings you gotta be concerned. The thing is he looked like he got the two outs and couldn’t put them away. They put some pretty good at-bats on him, but I think all those runs came in that manner, so you have to have some concern. You have to have some concern when you give up that many hits and walks.”

Is he concerned about health issues?

“This is a performance business more than anything else, so we don’t think that their are any health issues…so I think the performance is the thing we would be most concerned about right now.”

How about the dip in Maine’s velocity?

“I think that’s part of the issue. When the performance is as it is, you have to consider that to some degree. Because historically he’s been able to get by with being able to miss location and have a foul ball or something because he’s got a little something extra on it. Right now that’s not the case.”

Is it too early to talk about taking him out of the rotation?

“I think those things we’ll have to talk about. Right now after this game, you have to kind of sleep on that and see how you feel tomorrow. Hopefully he feels okay and that kind of thing. But you have to have dialogue about it. That’s just the business we’re in.”

I’m kind of surprised he didn’t outright dismiss the “yanking Maine from the rotation” question. If Maine didn’t seem to understand that he had a bad night and you needed to shock him into reality, then maybe you do that. But for a guy who’s beating himself up as much as Maine, it just seems a little questionable.

Then again “the business we’re in” for the Mets, is different than the other 29 teams in baseball. With that payroll, with the clamoring for change by the fans and many writers, they can’t afford to wait a month and then evaluate. Sometimes a week is all you get.

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