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Jose Reyes: 'I should be 100 percent'

Jose Reyes speaks to the media during the

Jose Reyes speaks to the media during the Mets' 2009 Holiday Party. (December 15, 2009) Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

To say Jose Reyes was jolly in his Santa’s cap today would be a stretch. But the Mets’ shortstop was definitely upbeat about the progress of his surgically repaired right hamstring tendon.

“I’m real happy,” Reyes said, “because the doctor say it was awesome that I have the surgery because I had a lot of damage in the back on my knee. I just can’t wait until spring training starts, because I feel this season was a lost season for me.”

Reyes is limited to light running now along with building up the strength in his legs. He plans to do some hitting when he heads home to the Dominican Republic on Sunday for the holidays. By Jan. 1, Reyes expects to be running full-speed.

“There’s no doubt I’m supposed to be the same Jose Reyes,” the all-star shortstop said. “The doctor says I should be 100 percent and I should recover my speed. I don’t know if I’ll recover right away, but I’m working for that. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I’m healthy, I’ll be able to do the stuff that I do before.”

Despite a number of setbacks during last season, Reyes said he isn’t concerned about a recurrence of hamstring problems in 2010. His Oct. 15 surgery “cleaned up” the scar tissue around the accessory hamstring tendon and, knowing that, Reyes seems confident moving forward.

“I don’t worry about that now because we fixed the problem,” Reyes said. “That tendon was bad on me the whole year, so they took it out and it should be no problem.”

When asked if he may have rushed back, Reyes now admits that may have been the case.

“I tried to come back too soon because I love this game,” Reyes said. “With the way the team was playing, I feel like I have to be on the field. But that didn’t work too good for me. I tried to come back too soon.”

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