Francisco Rodriguez walked through the door of the Mets clubhouse this morning and was welcomed back with a round of handshakes from his teammates. But was the greeting premature? A Mets official turned pale when told that K-Rod had returned, probably because he was scheduled for another doctor's appointment today for final clearance.

But Rodriguez said he was checked out by a doctor on Friday and told that it would be OK for him to rejoin the Mets today. He's been on a regimen of eye drops for the highly-contagious case of pink, which has infected his entire family as well. K-Rod spent the past week trying to stay in shape by playing catch with his brother, Edward, in the driveway of his home here in Port St. Lucie.

"Hopefully it's much better," Rodriguez said. "There's still discomfort."

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K-Rod's eyes look more normal now and the redness appears to be gone. But he walked in with his Oakley case under his arm because now he has to use the same goggle-type glasses he wore with the Angels. As for when he might pitch again, K-Rod said he has "no idea." The last time he threw off a mound was a week ago before he was banned from the clubhouse.