Francisco Rodriguez didn't seem too upset this morning when asked about Goose Gossage calling him a "clown" the other day in print. When told of Gossage's comment, K-Rod first replied, "Who?" then shrugged off the insult by the Hall of Fame reliever.

"I don't care about that," said Rodriguez, who has  grown accustomed to taking heat for his postgame celebrations. "If I got mad every time somebody said something, I'd be at my computer all day. I don't worry about that stuff."

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If you remember, Rodriguez did get upset enough to confront Yankees' reliever Brian Bruney last season on the field during the Subway Series in the Bronx. Bruney also ripped K-Rod for his celebrations -- ripping as a "tired act" while he was rehabbing in Trenton -- only to get called up in time for Rodriguez to get in his face during batting practice.