John Lackey is scheduled to start for the Red Sox today -- opposite Mike Pelfrey -- at Tradition Field. First pitch is 1:10 p.m. on SNY. But the weather might not cooperate. Strong thunderstorms are in the forecast and it doesn't look too good outside right now at 7:15 a.m. Dark clouds and wind picking up.

We should get a final resolution to the whole Jose Reyes-thyroid episode at some point today. Despite some confusion yesterday, sources say that Reyes received encouraging news from the doctors and he should be back with the Mets by this weekend.

One last thing on Reyes: What he told ESPN Deportes was not any different from what the Mets said about his thyroid. Just because Reyes had "elevated thyroid levels" does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with his thyroid -- it was just a temporary condition.

As a doctor explained to me, a perfectly healthy thyroid will produce an excess amount of the hormone for any number of reasons - such as a virus or dietary change -- then come back under control on its own. That seems to be the diagnosis for Reyes and why he is not likely to need further treatment. In addition, you or I could have elevated thyroid levels right now and not even know it, unless we happened to be scheduled for a physical. It just happened to come up for Reyes when the Mets were getting checked out last month.

While Jerry Manuel remains committed to Jon Niese in the fifth starter's spot, if both he and Fernando Nieve falter over the next three weeks, look for Hisanori Takahashi  to enter the conversation. Takahashi was very impressive in his Grapefruit debut last Sunday and he'll pitch again tomorrow, following Oliver Perez against the Twins in Ft. Myers.

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With Red Sox Nation descending on the PSL today, Tradition Field is sold out. Could be a wet one, though.