Broken Clouds 27° Good Afternoon
Broken Clouds 27° Good Afternoon

Leading off, Jose Reyes. Then more Jenrry Mejia.

It should be an instant boost this morning for the Mets when Jose Reyes walks through the clubhouse door, and later takes the field. But the two big questions involve when Reyes actually will get in a game (I'm thinking Monday) and will he be ready for Opening Day (I say yes). It also was interesting to hear that Jerry Manuel is likely jettisoning the whole "Reyes batting third" idea when the All-Star shortstop returns to the lineup.

There's two reasons for that. Manuel wants Reyes to be in a comfortable spot after his long layoff - he hasn't played in a game since May of last year - and he also hasn't had the chance to see Reyes in the third spot at all this spring. Reyes batted third in the Mets' only intrasquad game this spring, but never played again.

As for the Jenrry Mejia argument, that went from a brush fire to an inferno yesterday on Twitter, but I did enjoy seeing both sides of the debate. I understand that fans are up in arms about using the Mets' top pitching prospect in a relief role, and I respect the stats that are used to defend that side. But the bottom line is I believe the Mets really need him in the bullpen to help win games -- now -- and I think that makes sense, too. if the Mets didn't think he would make a difference at the major-level, they wouldn't keep him for the bullpen.

The Mets host the Astros today at 1 p.m. Digital Domain Park -- the stadium formerly known as Tradition Field. I'm not sure I'll be using that name in my stories, but figured I'd state it for the record here. Johan Santana starts for the Mets. Catch it on SNY.



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