Well, Jerry Manuel already had posted a lineup for today's game before he left for Orlando -- yesterday -- so the fact that the card has been taken off the wall this morning is a little unsettling. I have been assured that yes, the lineup will be changed for this afternoon's game against the Cardinals at Tradition Field at 1 p.m. It will be broadcast on SNY.

As for Orlando, it's always fun to chat with Billy Wagner, who seems right at home with the Braves. Looking back, would it have made sense to keep him as a super set-up man, a la J.J. Putz, for Francisco Rodriguez this season? Tough call at $8 million - that was his option for 2010 - and he still got $7 million to be the closer for the Braves. Wagner said Fred Wilpon was willing to let him go elsewhere to chase 400 saves -- he's currently on 385.

As for the game, in a word, yuck. Four errors in the seventh inning doomed the Bisons, er, Mets in a 9-5 loss at Champion Stadium.

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