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Madoff: Wilpon 'knew nothing' about fraud

Bernard Madoff leaves federal court in Manhattan after

Bernard Madoff leaves federal court in Manhattan after a hearing regarding his bail in New York. He is now serving 150 years in federal prison. (Jan. 14, 2009) Credit: AFP / Getty Images

In his first interview since being arrested in December 2008, Bernie Madoff told the New York Times Tuesday that Mets co-owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz "knew nothing" about the massive Ponzi scheme Madoff was running.

Madoff touched on a variety of other subjects, including some far more significant than the fate of a baseball team. The Times report only briefly mentions the Wilpons:

Mr. Madoff said about Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, Mr. Wilpon’s brother-in-law and business partner: “They knew nothing. They knew nothing.”

The Wilpons announced on Jan. 28 that they were looking to sell a minority stake in the Mets  to help cover a potential legal settlement arising from the Madoff fraud. The Wilpons' decision was prompted by a lawsuit filed Dec. 7 by Irving Picard, the special trustee in the Madoff bankruptcy case, who is seeking to recoup or "claw back" some of the profits the family allegedly made as the luckier investors from Madoff's $68-billion Ponzi scheme.

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