Jerry Manuel said anyone could manage the Mets last night as he sat out a one-game suspension. Bench coach Dave Jauss took over and the Mets won, 8-2. Jauss will not  get a managerial job out of his one-night effort, but it recalls the time when Bud Harrelson filled in for Davey Johnson. Eventually, Harrelson did replace him.   

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In the World Series year of 1986, Johnson attended his daughter's high school graduation and Harrelson took over.  ''This managing is a snap,'' Harrelson said at the time. ``Heck, all you have to do is sit back, watch the lineup score seven runs and watch your pitcher throw a shutout. The toughest part of my night was throwing 15 minutes of batting practice.''

Of course, Harrelson later found out it was a lot more than that.