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Manuel on Bay's headaches, Beltran's swing and who'll pitch against the Phillies

Manuel said Jason Bay is still suffering from headaches after colliding into the outfield wall last week. There is no timetable for his return.

"I have spoken with [trainer] Ray [Ramirez] about him and the headaches are still persisting. I think they’ll probably take him in and evaluate him again,” Manuel said.

The Mets head to Philly for a three-game set next weekend and today's start from Jonathan Niese will determine the rotation used against the Phillies. As of today the plan is to start Niese, Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey, and to use Hisanori Takahashi out of the bullpen for lefty matchups.

"If Niese has a tough one, then he’ll stay in the rotation and we’ll use one of the other guys out of the pen," Manuel said.

Carlos Beltran won last night's game with a ninth inning sac fly, but he is struggling, batting .204. Beltran and Manuel are working on his mechanics. Beltran has raised the height of his hands in his batting stance, which will allow him to come down on the ball at a better angle and reduce the chance of popping up. 


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