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Manuel's Thursday night Mets postgame

Here's some highlights from the mouth of the manager:

On Nate Robertson:

"What he did was he really kept the ball in on us for the most part…that was the first time for the most part that our guys have had some at-bats against him, so he pitched well."

 On the offense:

"We need a couple guys to be hot at the same time. It’s difficult to go without that and try to continue to scratch runs, so we just got to get a couple guys going offensively and I think we’ll be okay obviously until some of those guys come back."

"I think it’s difficult over the course of 162 to scratch and claw all the time, you’ve got to have some power and I think we have some power in some people."

In the first 20 games “it will give us a better indicator of whether we’re off and running.”

On the pitching:

“(Niese) pitched well. Cantu gave us some trouble for really the whole series…Sanchez put together some good at-bats, some real good-at bats, but we have to do more offensively than what we did in this game.”

"I thought out bullpen for the most part did a good job…It’s important that we continue to pitch well to give us a shot to be in games. I think the offense will eventually get hot and we’ll start seeing some balls flying out of the park."


Interesting that in response to the pitching questions, Manuel seemingly deflected to talking about the offense. 10 days ago that would have been an obvious move. But last night the pitching was good. Niese was solid and the bullpen looked good. That's a night you should want to highlight the pitching, especially with Pelfrey and Perez coming up considering nobody knows what they're getting from them.

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