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Matt Harvey not shy about his Hall of Fame dreams

Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey delivers in the

Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey delivers in the top of the first. (Aug. 24, 2013) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Matt Harvey's first -- and to date only -- visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame came during the Japan/America Goodwill Series tournament late in the summer of 2006.

He'd like to make it back there. Say about five years after he retires . . .

Harvey went to the Hall when he was 17. Even then, the injured Mets ace said he was thinking about the big-league career he wanted to have.

"You walk around and see everybody," Harvey said. "As somebody who growing up I always wanted to be the best -- and being the best is being in that room -- that was something that I always kind of pictured and hoped that one day my plaque would be up there."

Wait . . . was Harvey really thinking about being a Hall of Famer as a teenager?

"I think anybody who wants to pitch in the major leagues, it's always on your mind," he said. "As a starter, you look at 300 wins, you look at guys who've done that. That's where you want to be.

"For me, it's never really been a doubt in my mind that I would have that opportunity. Not saying that in an arrogant or cocky way, it was always what I had my mind set to, is always trying to be the best, and being the best was in the major leagues. I think taking that first step when I was 17 and pitching in Cooperstown was definitely more fuel for the fire."

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