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Matt Harvey reopens his Twitter account

Matt Harvey of the Mets attends the game

Matt Harvey of the Mets attends the game between the Knicks and the Indiana Pacers at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 20, 2013. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Rehabbing Mets righthander Matt Harvey is back on social media.

Nearly a month after he suspended his account, the result of controversy that sprang up when he tweeted a photo of himself giving the middle finger, Harvey's account has since been reactivated.

While the Mets asked Harvey to delete the controversial tweet, it was Harvey himself who decided to suspend the account altogether. At the time, he said he took the measure to avoid further trouble.

"When you can't really have fun anymore on a social media account, I think it comes time to get rid of it," Harvey said on April 22. "I'll have my fun with my friends and teammates, who do know me for who I am."

But Harvey apparently has had a change of heart, though as of Wednesday night, he had yet to tweet anything new to the 105,000 followers he has amassed. His most recent post came on April 17. The tweet that started the furor was deleted a month ago and is no longer displayed.

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