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Good Morning

Mets are seeking silent partners

Bobby Valentine is not likely to be owning a piece of the Mets any time soon.

Even if Valentine could put together the financial wherewithal, the Wilpon family wants publicity-shy, close-mouthed partners. That comes from a person close to the candidate pool. 

So, that certainly rules out Valentine.

And the Mets are not considering someone who wants to sit in the board room and discuss the batting order or player personnel. 

Again, no Valentine.

``Before you pick a business partner you spend time with them,'' the person said. ``You understand whether the philosophies mesh, whether the visions mesh, whether the long term objectives mesh and the personalities mesh.’’

Those who have found their way into the media--Donald Trump, Martin Luther King III, Ed Kranepool and that liquor salesman--are not anywhere near the list of prospects being considered for minority ownership.

Anyone seeking majority control has also been turned away with a firm ``No thanks, this venture is not for you,''  the person said.

Who fits the profile? Think more of a group of private investors or successful, Wall Street-types who would like an association with the team but realize their only input would be financial.



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