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Mets managers in a word: Different

``Intense'' seems to be the word most associated with Mets manager Terry Collins.

Here's a look at all his predecessors and a word that described their personalty. 

Casey Stengel (1962-65): Humerous. 

Wes Westrum (1965-67): Nondescript.

Salty Parker (1967, interim): See Westrum.

Gil Hodges (1968-71): Taskmaster.

Yogi Berra (1972-75): Soft.

Roy McMillan (1975): Quiet.

Joe Frazier (1976-77):  Edgey.  

Joe Torre (1977-81): Insightful.

George Bamberger (1982-83): whimsical.

Frank Howard (1983, interim): Tall. 

Davey Johnson (1984-90): Challenging.

Bud Harrelson (1990-91): Uncomfortable.

Mike Cubbage (1991, interim): Pleasant.

Jeff Torborg (1992-93): Well-meaning.

Dallas Green (1993-96): Honest. 

Bobby Valentine (1996-2002): Controlling. 

Art Howe (2003-2004): Overmatched.

Willie Randolph (2005-2008): Guarded.

Jerry Manuel (2008-2010): Comical.

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