Oliver Perez is cold and not just because of the weather. Perez went from Bad Ollie to Worse Ollie, says columnist David Lennon, who recommends that the next step should be Ollie Gone.

The poor pitching of Perez, and a wind-aided homer by San Francisco's Aaron Rowand in the eighth gave the Giants a 6-5 win over the Mets yesterday. Arthur Staple has all the details of a wind-aided Mets comeback that wasn't enough.

Third baseman David Wright extended his strikeout streak to eight straight official at bats, culminating in his ejection in the bottom of the ninth yesterday after an argument with umpire Paul Schreiber. Reporter Kimberley Martin describes the comical scene with Wright gesturing with his pink Mother's Day bat and his not-so-funny mood in the clubhouse.

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Staple asks the classic question, "Who's on third?" of Mets manager Jerry Manuel, who had no idea who would have replaced Wright had the game gone extra innings. The question for the Mets' game against the Nationals tonight might be "What's on second?" if Luis Castillo can't go after aggravating his bruised left foot.