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Mets morning links: Mets win third in a row

         As Jason Bay tells Dave Lennon, "there's never a dull moment" when it comest  to the Mets this season. Lennon has all the details of the Mets 8-0 win over the Phillies last night.

As Jim Baumbach details, it was a big night for Jose Reyes, who bunting for a hit, lining a triple to the right-centerfield wall, stealing two bases and scoring three runs.

         There was more than a bit of drama before the game with everyone talking about former slugger Darryl Strawberry's recent visit to the Mets clubhouse. A Mets official denied that some team memebers were so upset with Strawberry that they had asked him to be banned from the clubhouse.

       Also, former Met Nelson Figueroa has some not-so-nice thingst o say before the game about the way the organization released him at teh end of spring training. Hard to say whether it was bad karma, but after making his comments, Figueroa struggled against hiss former team, giving up three runs and four hits in the eighth inning to bump his ERA to 5.09.

Barbara Barker, aka meanbarb on Twitter

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