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Mets' Wright on Beltran's surgery: 'Why now?'

The Mets' David Wright has many questions about

The Mets' David Wright has many questions about Carlos Beltran's surprise surgery, and most of them start with "why?" Credit: Kathy Kmonicek

Just like everyone else, David Wright was blindsided by Carlos Beltran's knee surgery. And just like the organization and its fans, Wright is "interested" in hearing Beltran's reasoning for having surgery.

"Obviously, it's frustrating," Wright said Thursday. "My teammates along with the fans and I'm sure the front office, it's a frustrating process to have to go through with these injuries.

"Hopefully we have some more details, exactly what happened, why, why now, so we can make a decision and move forward."

Wright made these comments after visiting a Ronald McDonald House on the Upper East Side to play with kids, a visit set up by the Mets and the David Wright Foundation.

Only 24 hours earlier, at Citi Field for another charity function, Wright spoke optimistically about having the whole team healthy for most of 2010.

Now, in the wake of Beltran's surprise surgery, that doesn't look likely. And Wright wants answers. "I'm interested to see, along with I'm sure the fans and the organization, what exactly is going on," he said. "And, like I said, [why] the timing of it."

As for Beltran's decision to have this surgery on his own without permission from the team, Wright disapproved.

"I hope that's not the case," he said. "Obviously, you want to keep the team in the loop with whatever you're doing.

"But give Carlos a chance to give his side of the story, then hear the Mets and their doctors' side of the story, and then make a judgment. Until you hear all the sides, there's nothing you can really get out of this.

"But like I said, there's a lot of questions to be answered."

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