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Mets’ lineup card mishap: Callaway, staff meet ‘just to make sure we’re on top of things in future’

Mets manager Mickey Callaway manages against the Rockies

Mets manager Mickey Callaway manages against the Rockies during the sixth inning at Citi Field on Sunday. Credit: Brad Penner

PHILADELPHIA — Mets manager Mickey Callaway said he met with his field staff for 35 minutes Friday to address lineup-card procedure in an effort to avoid issues such as the Mets batting out of order Wednesday, “just to make sure we’re on top of things in the future.”

On Wednesday, the Mets lost a runner in scoring position in the first inning when the lineup posted in the dugout/clubhouse for the players to see did not match what the Mets turned in to the umpires before first pitch. Callaway took the blame for the mistake — including addressing the team after the game — though he didn’t say who actually handles the lineup cards.

Given the oopsie and the Mets’ struggles, Callaway said he would rather have had a game than a day off Thursday, but he got through it.

“I was surprised when the sun came up yesterday,” he joked. “I wasn’t quite sure it was going to. That was tough.”

What did the Mets change to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

“Quite a few things,” Callaway said. He and assistant general manager John Ricco declined to specify what, though.

Ricco said there was a breakdown in the process that safeguards against such a mishap, but before the 12:30 p.m. start Wednesday, “maybe [there were] too many things going on right before the game, so the focus wasn’t there to double-check,” he said.

Ricco added: “Something like that should never happen.”

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