Against the sage advice of, which is predicting a 100% chance of rain for 1 p.m. in Ft. Myers, the Mets' bus departed at promptly 7:15 this morning. That chance drops to 80% by  3 p.m., but I'm betting the bus takes a u-turn back to Port St. Lucie in another hour. No sense driving three hours, then waiting around another two  to try and play spring training game. Just in case there is a window, Oliver Perez is scheduled to start, followed by Hisanori Takahashi.

Not sure what there's left to say about Jose Reyes until his next blood test, which will be at some point next week. I did speak to a couple of doctors about his particular situation -- which they can only speak generally about -- and they said the prognosis was consistent with thyroiditis, or a temporary flare-up of the thyroid. And it's not unusual to wait a few weeks for it to clear.

They also agreed it was the best news possible that Reyes did not need medication for it. If Reyes was not a professional athlete, and someone like you or I, it would barely interfere with our lives. But with Reyes needing to exert himself at a high level, the team's doctors believe it's better to play it safe rather than risk his elevated levels -- and elevated metabolism - from messing with his heart.

As for Reyes' replacement, I know Jerry Manuel has talked up Ruben Tejada -- as did Omar Minaya on yesterday's conference call - but Alex Cora has got to be the interim guy. That's why they signed him to  an inflated $2 million deal in the first place. As another person in the front office explained to me, Cora is the short-term replacement. But if Reyes misses any significant time like last season, the Mets will need to trade for help. This person believed that Tejada simply isn't ready to help on the major-league level yet. Guess they could always change their minds though.


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