Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon told Newsday Tuesday the Mets have had discussions about bringing either the Islanders or an MLS soccer team to a new venue near Citi Field.

So which should it be? An arena for the Islanders or a stadium for a new soccer team?

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Not surprisingly, native Canadian and hockey fan Jason Bay said it would "make a ton of sense" to see an NHL team in Queens. "I don't know a lot about if it were to be the Islanders," the Mets leftfielder said Wednesday. "It makes sense. You already have the amenities for one venue, business-wise and all that."

Soccer fan Alex Cora thought a soccer stadium would work, too.

"I think with the Latino community we have here and the way the sport is catching on in the United States, I think it'd be great," the Mets infielder said. "Mexico played here on Friday in the new [Meadowlands] stadium and they had like 70,000. I know the sport is going to take time to catch up, but when it does it's going to be fun."

Said Bay: "I would imagine if it's hockey, soccer, table tennis, the sheer size of this place, it's going to appeal to enough people. If you make an area a year-round destination for sports, I think it's a great idea."