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Now catching for the Mets

In the old days, fans will remember when the Mets couldn't find anyone reliable to catch.  It became a long running joke. The Mets went through a slew of catchers. Today, the Mets have three, which  often means you don't have one reliable one either through ability or injury. 

Young Josh Thole is 12-for-24 since his callup, but nothing in his minor league past suggests he will be a big hitter in the majors. Rod Barajas, the nominal No. 1 catcher, has falllen off sharply from his 11 home runs in the first two months.  Henry Blanco a/k/a Hank White  is a once or twice a week  kind of guy. When they list the great Mets catchers, these three will not be among them.

Sour puss but great defensive catcher Jerry Grote caught 1,176 games for the Mets, Mike Piazza caught 827 and Gary Carter 566. Then you get into Todd Hundley (745), John Stearns (678) and Ron Hodges (445). Famous after that goes to Yogi Berra, who caught two in 1965 in the  post Choo Choo Coleman era. 

Jack Lang, the late Hall of Fame writer for the Daily News, once joked that he wanted to write a book about all the catchers in Mets history. His title?``Passed Balls.''  


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