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Oliver twists the Mets

This is not making an excuse for Omar Minaya, but the Mets GM had little choice but to sign Oliver Perez in 2009. Especially when Derek Lowe turned down the Mets for the Braves. 

The free agent class that year also had Ben Sheets and Randy Wolf. Neither had appeal.  Perez was coming of a 10-7 record with 180 strikeouts in 194 innings (also 105 walks). That is a good major league season in this era. Was it worth $36 million for three years?    

Of course not, the way it has turned out.  You'd rather have anyone but Perez. He will not go away easily. He doesn't want to pitch in the minors and he's not going to quit on his $12 million salary for next season. Would you?  

The Mets will continue to shop him, but likely will wind up paying a good portion of his remaining salary no matter where he goes. The Astros had to pay to import Roy Oswalt to the Phillies. The Mets might have to pay Perez' salary and then some.  

But if Oliver lands back here next season, then it's on Minaya.  

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