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Pelfrey OK, K-Rod thinking Cy and today's lineup vs. Astros

Mike Pelfrey just wrapped up his bullpen and gave the thumbs-up for his Thursday start against the Red Sox at Tradition Field. Pelfrey is still receiving treatment for the bruised right knee from Saturday's line drive, but he says it's fine. Just to make sure, pitching coach Dan Warthen surprised Pelfrey by stepping into the batter's box - and smacking him grounders between pitches.

"I thought he was just going to stand there," Pelfrey said. "Then when he hit one, I was like, Whoa! Guess they don't want me to get hit again."

Also, Francisco Rodriguez was so pleased by his first bullpen session in eight days that he joked with Johan Santana about his big plans for the upcoming season.

"If I pitch as well in games as I pitched in the bullpen," K-Rod told Santana, "he better get out of my way because that Cy Young is mine."

On that note, here's today's lineup:

Matthews - cf

Castillo - 2b

Wright - 3b

Jacobs - dh

Bay - lf

Davis - 1b

Francoeur - rf

Cora - ss

Blanco - c

Santana - sp















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