The Mets released their pitching probables up to Johan Santana's first start on Tuesday, March 9, against the Astros at Tradition Field.

Friday, March 5 (ss) - Jon Niese vs. FLA (home)/Fernando Nieve at STL (road).

Saturday, March 6 - Mike Pelfrey  vs. Nationals at Viera

Sunday, March 7 - Oliver Perez vs. Nationals at Tradition Field

Monday, March 8 - John Maine vs. Marlins at Jupiter

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Tuesday, March 9 - Johan Santana vs. Astros at Tradition Field

In other news, Hisanori Takahashi finally returned from the Dominican Republic, where he solved his work visa problems. Takahashi had to stay there longer than anticipated, so he worked out at the Mets' academy there.

And from the medical department, Francisco Rodriguez still has not been cleared to join his teammates because of conjunctivitis. I'm assuming the pink eye will be cleared up by Opening Day, but  at this rate, who knows.