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Postgame quotes: Mets' 14-6 victory over the Tigers

Back here with some final quotes from Citi Field as the lights are turned off. Here is what manager Jerry Manuel and several players had to say after the game:




On Niese's pitch count after the rain delay, and sending him bacvk out there:

"When you have less than 50 (pitches) and he was pitching the way he was pitching, you give him every opportunity to go back there. Plus no hits, and going through the lineup... You know, you are hoping he can hold on and win that game."

On facing Verlander and keeping dominance up against him and the Tiger arms to come in this series:

"That was huge, when you come in and see that you are going to face Verlander, Bonderman and the guy who almost threw the perfect game... they are playing very good baseball they are playing very good baseball.

"To get out in front, and to continue to kind of put pressure with the running game, and those type of things to win that ball game, he probably tonight. Every now and then you catch a guy who doesn't have his best stuff, and I think that was part of the case for us tonight as well."

On how much the layoff hurt Niese:

"I don't think the layoff possibly hurt him. I thought what hurt him was trying to be careful with the lead knowing he was only going to throw a couple of more innings. I think that is a great learning experience for him, to have a big lead, and not come back out and pitch, I think that was the issue. He was pitching before, and throwing all those pitches for strikes. And at the end there, he was just trying to get by. I think that was a great lesson for him tonight. We want to give him every opportunity to get through that and get the win."

Breakdown of sending Maine back out:

"We felt, 50 pitches, one hour."



Pagan on his performance tonight:

"The second pitch he threw, in the elevator, I don't know how I hit that ball."

On whether or not he has been in contact with Beltran after performance tonight:

"I haven't checked my phone, so I can't tell you that."


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