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Pregame notes and today's lineup vs. Brewers

Jerry Manuel is back to his old tricks again today, giving Ike Davis a rest and starting Fernando Tatis at first base -- not to mention hitting him in Davis' No. 4 spot.

The explanation? "I wanted  to keep everybody in same place," Manuel said. "I didn’t want to move everybody around, especially for one day."


Anyway, here's a few more pregame notes before the lineup:

-- Manuel basically said that Perez will only be used for "extra innings," which  sounds to me like a way to ramp up  the pressure on him to accept a demotion to Triple-A Buffalo. Perez told me yesterday that he's still not going. Let's see how this plays out.

When asked about how he would use Perez, coming off Saturday's lousy outing, Manuel said this morning, "That’s really a tough question. Right now, it would probably have to be something similar to extra innings or something like that. It’s going to be tough to find a spot."

 As for the idea of Perez going down to Triple-A, and no longer taking up a roster spot, Manuel added, "Um, I would think it's something worth doing just to get him somewhat straightened out."

-- Manuel said he didn't plan on speaking to the team about being careful in walkoff win situations in wake of the Kendry Morales incident, but added, "At least touch [the plate]. You don't have to jump on it. It's not going anywhere."

Here's the lineup:

Jose Reyes - SS

Luis Castillo - 2B

Jason Bay - LF

Fernando Tatis - 1B

David Wright - 3B

Angel Pagan - CF

Jeff Francoeur - RF

Henry Blanco - C

R.A. Dickey - SP









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