Lou DePaoli would not make specific predictions about the Mets' 2015 attendance when he spoke to Newsday in March, but the team's executive vice president and chief revenue officer did say this at the time:

"We've budgeted for attendance to go up. Obviously, we won't give out a public number, but we expect attendance to go up this year regardless of what happens on the field."

So it did, and in a big way. But with the Mets winning 90 games and the National League East title, we never will know about the "regardless" part.

"Just a regular, run-of-the-mill season," DePaoli jokingly said Monday before adding, "It was obviously a fantastic year on and off the field."

By that, he meant the regular season. Who knows what fantastic-ness is to come during the next several weeks? But this is a good time to take a step back and review all that has occurred to this point.

Attendance? It was 2,569,753, the team's best since 2009, its first season at Citi Field.

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That is 18.1 percent better than last year, the third-biggest jump in the majors on a percentage basis. In raw numbers, the Mets' increase of 5,197 per game is second only to the Royals' 9,285.

The biggest payoff came from a promotional push focused on weekends, which produced a 25 percent rise from Fridays through Sundays, including an average paid attendance of 39,013 on Saturdays.

(The Yankees remain New York's attendance champs with 3,193,795 paid, their 17th season in a row over 3 million.)

Mets videos

TV ratings? SNY averaged 2.63 percent of households for Mets games this season, up 61 percent from last year and not too far behind YES' 2.77 for Yankees games, which was down from 2.99 last season. (The Yankees had a viewership surge after the All-Star Game, an average rating of 3.01.)

Merchandise? MLB released a list Monday of its top 20 best-selling replica jerseys on MLB.com and three Mets made the list: Matt Harvey at No. 9, David Wright at No. 11 and Jacob deGrom at No. 17.

There were no Yankees on the list. (Cubs rookie Kris Bryant was No. 1.)

Social media activity? The Mets are No. 1 in the major leagues as measured by Klout.com, followed by the Dodgers, their opponent in the NLDS starting Friday. (The Yankees rank fourth.)

Speaking of the NLDS, DePaoli said Games 3 and 4 at Citi Field are virtually sold out. The Mets chose to keep first-round prices relatively reasonable by charging what they do for "marquee" regular-season games such as Opening Day and the series against the Yankees and Red Sox.

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The biggest business payoff for 2015's success might actually come in 2016, especially if the Mets go deep into October and perhaps early November.

"Generally for most teams, you see some afterglow for the next season," DePaoli said. "Our job is to make sure we're capitalizing on that."

Sure enough, the Mets have been "pushing pretty hard," as DePaoli put it, in selling 2016 season tickets since early August. Fans who made nonrefundable deposits were given access to 2015 playoff tickets.

"That's been very, very successful for us so far," he said. "It helps leverage the fan excitement into next season."

DePaoli recalled working for the Marlins when they won the 1997 World Series, then "destroyed the team in two weeks." They lost 108 games in 1998.

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"I would love to see what we could do with a sustained run of excellence," DePaoli said. "I would appreciate that challenge."