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Reyes, Santos, Thole and now Barajas?

As this long winter of discontent draws to a close -- leading to a spring of skepticism, perhaps? -- the Mets had some positive news yesterday with the arrival of Jose Reyes and his impressive first workout.

Granted, it was only a workout. But Reyes is coming off surgery to clean up a torn hamstring tendon, and with his history of assorted leg problems, yesterday was a big leap forward. Reyes is the most critical everyday player on this team - especially now in the absence of Carlos Beltran - and that was never more apparent than last season. It was no coincidence the Mets spiraled after he played only 36 games.

As for the catching situation, just when it seemed that Omir Santos and Josh Thole might contend for the starting job, as I wrote about here, Fox's Ken Rosenthal reports this morning that the Mets are now "pushing hard" for Rod Barajas.

That's understandable. The Mets need defensive help behind the plate in addition to Henry Blanco, who could turn out to be Johan Santana's personal catcher, and Santos and Thole are very much works in progress. Barajas would help solidify the position, no question about that, but doesn't bring much offensively to the table.

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