KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Royals-Mets rematch Sunday night was a little strange for all concerned, but for few people more so than Kansas City relief pitcher Dillon Gee.

Not only is he a former Met, but as recently as 2014 he was their Opening Day starter. Last season he began in the rotation but ended up squeezed out and openly frustrated.

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Gee finished the season in the minors, opted out of his Mets contract and landed with the Royals as a free agent.

So, did he have any payback in mind Sunday night?

“That’s all in the past,” he said. “It is what it is. It was an unfortunate chain of events and that’s the way it goes sometimes. This is a tough business. I saw that last year, and I’m glad to be here today.”

Gee said when he thought about facing his former team he wondered whether he would have added motivation but decided, “I just want to win because I’m on the other team. I don’t have any hatchet I have to bury with the team or anything like that. If I get in the game, great. I just want us to win games.

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“But yes, it’s definitely weird.”