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SNY's map quest during Mets games: Name all 50 states!

The Mets' dismal season hasn't been any more fun for their announcing team than for their fans, but as they slog through the final weeks the SNY guys are trying to keep themselves mildly amused with a little on-air game. (It's even educational!)

Newsday has learned that at some point every game they work the name of a state into the telecast, one per night in order of their admission to the union - from Delaware to Hawaii.

It's been very hush-hush (until now).

The announcers are roughly halfway through the list, aiming for a big finish with the 50th State, where analyst Ron Darling was born.

Check it out tonight! It's fun! Or watch that Derek guy try to pass Lou Gehrig instead if you must. (Speaking of which, Wednesday's YES Yankees telecast predictably obliterated SNY and the Mets in the ratings, 6.3 percent of area homes to 1.4.)

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