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Steve Kovach's Mets-Royals World Series tweet from April looks very prescient now

Steve Kovach's

Steve Kovach's "Mets vs. Royals in 2015 World Series" tweet from April 23, 2015, which went viral on Friday, Oct. 23 when the Royals advanced to play the Mets in the World Series. Credit: Twitter

Maybe it was "dumb luck," as Steve Kovach put it, but there it was, in all its Twitter glory Friday night, a brief post that quickly went viral: "Mets vs. Royals in 2015 World Series."

What made the tweet interesting was not the content, which is now a simple fact. Rather it was the date stamped on it: April 23.

"First of all, I didn't even remember I tweeted that until the Mets swept the Cubs [in the NLCS] the other night," Kovach said the morning after he became a Twitter celebrity of sorts.

"One of my followers found that tweet and I was like, 'I forgot I sent that!' "

Kovach, 30, a deputy editor for's Tech Insider site, said he was inspired by the Mets' 11-game winning streak in April, which got him thinking World Series. He only needed a plausible opponent.

Well, the Royals were in the World Series last year and were expected to be strong again, so why not?

"The best way I can describe it is sort of dumb luck and speculation," Kovach said.

He watched the Royals win the ALCS in a bar early Saturday morning. First he said, "Oh, my God." Then . . . "All of a sudden that tweet went viral. Every other second I was getting another retweet."

The most common reaction he got from friends and strangers: "Did you put money on that pick?" No, he did not.

Kovach is a Mets fan even though he is from Houston. He got closer to Mets territory while in college at Syracuse and for the past 7 1/2 years has lived in New York. He credits an uncle from New Jersey for helping foster his Mets fandom.

Some people wondered whether he had doctored the date of his tweet, or perhaps even posted every possible Series matchup, then deleted all but the right one.

"No, it was just off the cuff, thinking who they would play and who would be a likely candidate," he said. "It was me just being silly on Twitter."

So, care to pick a winner? "Obviously, I want the Mets to win," he said. "But now I'm afraid to jinx it."

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