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Terry Collins gives Mets' Wilmer Flores the day off after trade news goes haywire on social media

New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores in the

New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores in the dugout in the game against the San Diego Padres the game on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at CitiField . Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Terry Collins continued his anti social media rant and tried to employ damage control less than a day after the manager found himself in the position of explaining why he seemed to be the only one unaware that the Mets were on the verge of trading infielder Wilmer Flores and injured pitcher Zack Wheeler to the Brewers for centerfielder Carlos Gomez.

Flores was openly weeping at shortstop during Wednesday night's game as word circulated, incorrectly as it turned out, on Twitter that the deal had been completed. Fans applauded him in what they assumed would be his last at-bat.

Collins said there was no disconnect between him and general manager Sandy Alderson over the deal, which reportedly fell apart when the Mets had concerns over medical reports on Gomez.

"My boss, if that was a done deal would have called me," Collins said Thursday before an afternoon game with the Padres. "Because we would have gotten him [Flores] out of there. So, that would have been a giveaway years ago that you would have taken this guy out of the game in the middle of the game. That would have been a giveaway that something was up."

Asked if he could have been given more information during the game, Collins replied, "Absolutely not. Believe me, Sandy and I were with each other yesterday two hours and that's why I said if there was a deal I would have known. And if the deal would have been finalized, I would have known. That's what I kept trying to tell everybody. I had David [Wright] coming over and he said 'Hey, it's everywhere, this is a done deal.' I said 'Until that phone rings right there it's not done in my mind.'"

Before social media, Collins said, "The way it went down last night [Alderson would] have come in and said `look we thought we had a deal, it didn't work out, no harm no foul and moved on. Unfortunately, we live in a different world today, which I certainly understand it, as I tried to explain. You guys think they are cold-hearted robotic people. They're not. They got emotions. This kid loves it here. He's a Met, he's been a Met since he was 16. You know what, he was thrilled that the fans, the same fans who booed him, were giving him a standing ovation. I think it's a tribute to our fans. The fact that they respect the player and what he stands for."

Collins said he spoke with Flores, who was not in the starting lineup Thursday. He said he believes the player is in recovery mode.

"To be honest I think so, you hope so," Collins said. "But I also thought I'd give him today to kind of get himself back on the ground and move forward. I told him this morning you better take that as a compliment. You got to be able to understand there's a business side of this game that's out of your control. When your name's in the lineup you gotta go play and you got to be able to someone block out the other stuff.

"I reassured him that when you're in the big leagues, people want you. And if you're a good player, people want you. You're still here because we want you and you're still a big part of this team. I said don't ever be ashamed if your name's mentioned in a trade because I'll tell you, you might be the one piece that can bring something to us that makes us better and that's all part of the game and he understands it. It's just a shock to him last night as it was to a lot of us, you know . . . If I was commissioner the one thing I would do is get these cell phones out of the clubhouse."

Collins said he expects no after effects of deal that didn't get done.

"With all the emotion that went in last night, I think they're more glad it's just calm today," Collins said. "I don't think that there's any lasting effects of the fact that this didn't happen. We know we got two more days [for the trading deadline] and also the bosses upstairs will be doing their jobs and that's trying to make sure they turn over every rock to find some help if it's out there."

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