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The 1st place Mets vs. Dodgers live blog...

Mets left fielder Jason Bay, right, is congratulated

Mets left fielder Jason Bay, right, is congratulated by Ike Davis (29) after hitting a solo home run, his first as a Met, against the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Apr. 27, 2010) Photo Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

1st place after a two-and-something start. Honest to goodness, whodathunk it. Anyway, We'll be back a bit after 1 to live blog the finale of the series between Manuel's men and Torre's army. John Maine and his mystery non throwing arm ailment will be taking the mound for the Mets. With Dodgers' Vicente Padilla on the DL, Young John Ely will be making his first start for the Dodgers. Come back at 1!

 Ok so I personally am a little bit on the restless side. Maybe you are too. Want to see some Met players fraternizing with some super adorable puppies? Jeff Franceour gets his shoe chewed on and Mike Pelfrey gets his face licked. ALL IN THIS VIDEO.

Top of the 1st. My goodness is the wind blowing out at Citi. sez wind is blowing out of the NW with gusts to 21 mph. Fun fact. Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp is allgedly dating one of the hottest women on earth.Other fun fact. Mets catcher Russell Martin allegedly dated another super gorgeous famous woman baseball fan, whom I have a theory about. So if you ever have a free afternoon, ask me about my 'Alyssa Milano is a Sucubus' hypothesis. Three up and down for John M-A-I-N-E

Bottom of the 1st I'm quite distraught about Manny Ramirez not playing. He may have some strange and childlike antics but it's always entertaining to watch him play.  It appears that the wind has brought in a number of floating trashbags/napkins from lovely Willet's Point. I was always under the impression that the floating trash bag was the state bird of New Jersey. Quick inning for rookie Ely. Jason Bay struck out looking. In other news, water is wet.

Top of the 2nd Whatever was ailing Maine in his non throwing arm doesn't appear to be a factor today, though now that I've said something...Fun fact about Casey Blake, Dodgers 3rd baseman and avid duck hunter. He grows his beard (though not right now) so he is better camofloged against the duckies. Franceour with a sick throw back to first to keep Blake from getting that extra base. Another mostly quick inning for Maine. Meat of the order coming up for the Metsys.

Bottom of the 2nd David Wright smacks a double to start the inning, and at the ripe old age of 27 has taken the Mets all time lead in doubles. Also, I believe most people are done talking about his hitting slump for awhile. "I like" Ike continues his hitting streak, and busts up what should have been a double play on the grounder to short by Franceour.Mets on the board. Umpire takes a ball to the masked face. Long story short, the Mets can hit, four runs score. The Met bats are UP!

Top of the 3rd In this inning, one run scored, Jose Reyes got headbutted in the lower torso area and made an error, and there is trash blowing all over the freakin place at Citi Field. I'm curious to where it comes from as there is no place to get plastic bags at Citi (unless they're brought in. Also yes, I know this from experience) Met fans getting their swagger back. Lets see how long this lasts. Find me on twitter @Lizzy_Nielsen!

Bottom of the 3rd Torre's sticking with Ely, and the trash is FLYING around Citi Field. Newsday's own Ken Davidoff tweeted "Garbage swirling around windy Citi Field. #Mets trying to mix in Castillo & Perez contracts, then claim tomorrow, "We lost them!" That brings the LOLs. Franceour doubles and scores Bay, who appears to have some sort of belt issue. One run scores, 5-1 Metropolitans.

Top of the 4th John Maine up to 5 strikeouts today. Four up three down for Maine, wind seems to be doing him some favors today. Wind not doing any favors for Citi Field grounds crew, or those in the stands who forgot jackets. 5-1 mets.

Bottom of the 4th Follow these Newsday baseball writers for the most informative and funniest tweets on the Internet. @lenno212 @kendavidoff @stapenewsday @therealarieber @eboland11. And guess what. They are allowed to tweet about more than just baseball. And they do. One two three inning for Little Ely. Mets lead by 4.

Top of the 5th Poor John Ely. He looks like a deer in the headlights at the plate. He successfully nailed a sac bunt on his first try, but not without a lot of flailing around like one of the outfield garbage bags. His second attempt ended up as a very infield popup easily handled by Rod Barajas.  Alleged former flame of noted Dodger fan Alyssa Milano takes Maine to left and makes it 5-3. Actual flame of good girl gone bad Rihanna doubles down the right field line and perhaps Maine is in trouble? Nope, got the third out on a ground to Reyes. 5-3 Mets.

Bottom of the 5th This kid Ely has a couple of good pitches. He's rough around the edges, but he just threw a curve ball to David Wright that was downright nasty. Hodge podge of an inning with a basehit, a flyout, a ground out, and some other form of out. 5-3 Mets still.

6th inning of some sort Kevin Burkhardt rats out a bunch of wee ones obviously playing hooky from school out in the left field box seats. When I kids at baseball day games, all I can think of is "hey batta batta swing batttaaaa."

 OOOO the Hisanori Takahashi to the starting rotation debate has totally begun. It smells of Joba in 2008. Now that the Mets are hitting and Ollie is the only person stinking up the rotation, it's time to find something else to argue about. Angel Pagan swings at a pitch at least 6 feet over his head to end it. Still 5-3.

Top of the 7th John Maine is still in, though he was showing signs of fatigue in the latter portion of the 6th inning. With his recent injury scare, he has to be on a tight leash. And just as I say that, Manuel motions to the bullpen and in comes...Fernando Nieve. Fly ball to Pagan and a double play put that inning to bed. There was something in the air that night....5-3 Mets.

Bottom of the 7th Young John Ely was pulled after 6 and replaced with Ronald Belisario. Jason Bay's sporting a bit of scruff, which is something I'm not particularly used to him having. Belisario keeps throwing Reyes back to first. Somewhere, Joe West is openly cursing.  Jason Bay can keep the beard. What hitting slump? it's difficult to differentiate the ball from the mounds of trash out in the field on my 8 inch flatscreen TV. Bay's RBI double scores another run. Ike's single scores Bay. Insurance runs. 7-3 Mets.

Top of the 8th Fernando saw one more batter for a ground out, Feliciano joins the party. Gets a fly out. Then a strike out. Three batters, three outs 7-3 Mets.

Bottom of the 8th Frank Cattolanto forgot how many outs there were. That is all. Still 7-3 Mets.

Top of the 9th K-Rod in, last chance for Dodgers. Two men get on base but who cares. 7 in a row for the Metsies. 1st place.

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